Using WiFi to Building the Interfile Python-HTML Infrastructure

Getting programming languages of differing intended uses/applications to cooperate and to allow integration of other devices onto the project’s infrastructure. Every project presented on this class, including ours even, can be connected in a larger infrastructure of IoT, so long as python can call up the files requested by the user via html.


The .html is the front end side of the project. User devices tap into the Pi's control functinality via this file format.

  • Design elements with .css (Cascading Style Sheet) files
  • Design interactivity in pages with .js (JavaScript)
  • Front-end User control in IoT infrastructure


Python is the extremely popular programming language used in many hobby projects due to simpler syntax.

  • Facilitates hardware control with high level language syntax
  • Simple syntax
  • Pi-Friendly


Flask is a Python micrio-web-freamwork. This makes flask a powerful tool for IoT enabled Python networks.

  • Provides platform for interfile communication
  • Does not require libraries or much tools (needs only Jinja2)
  • Highly Customizable, and friendly with the Raspberry Pi

Check out our html files on our documents page!